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What's the Baby Cashmere?

Unique to China,this fiber is humanely collected from the shoulders and flakes of the kid goat yielding an average micron of 13-14μm and a fiber length of 34-36mm,making it noticeably softer,warmer and more luxurious .Baby cashmere production is concentrated in the grasslands in the western area of Inner Mongolia.It is a very rare and highly sought after fiber due to the yield of one goat being only 30grams whilst it is young , and the region generating no more 50 tons per annum.This scarcity of fiber combined with its sublime quality has allowed baby cashmere to redefine the meaning of ultimate luxury for yarn.

About  Ewsca

Ewsca was founded in USA, cooperated with a number of American designers, and built its own factory in China. The factory gathers raw materials, spins and makes garments, forming a professional cashmere sweater manufacturer with a complete scale. Ewsca adopts the sales model from factory to consumer, and the goods are directly from factory to consumer. Abandon graded wholesalers, graded agents and other intermediate complicated links, you do not need to pay for the intermediate links.